Nessebar is the perfect choice for your seaside holiday because the resort offers wonderful opportunities for sunbathing and entertainment.

What do we recommend to visit in Nessebar?

Морски аквариум Свети Никола в Несебър

Marine Aquarium St. Nikola

Prepare to be amazed at the Marine Aquarium St. Nikola, where you can explore the vast variety of Black Sea and Mediterranean fish, and other marine inhabitants. Each visit is a unique opportunity to learn and be captivated by the wonders of the underwater world.

South Park Nessebar

Nessebar’s South Park, a richly landscaped seaside park, is conveniently located on 80 acres just a short distance from the town centre. The flora here is diverse and impressive, with over 150 plant ornamental species. Walking along lanes planted with summer flowers on an area of about 30 acres presents traditional Bulgarian motifs in an impressive and beautiful way.

The park is a playground of water attractions. Children and their parents start their tour with the goldfish house and water cascade. In addition to the playhouse, children can also visit the Good Kid House as a reward for good behaviour and play on the playgrounds.

Enjoying the sea view will not be complete if you do not use the telescope to explore the sea expanse. The picture is enchanting, especially in good weather, because it gives a distant horizon to the old Nessebar and the entire southern Black Sea coast.

The singing fountain is an attraction because of the dancing stream of water that rises to a height of 6 m to the musical accompaniment following the rhythm of the water show. Look at the bottom of the fountain; there, you will find a calendar from the time of the Proto-Bulgarians.

There are traces of antiquity in the park. Step into the past and compare the accuracy of your modern electronic clocks with the beautiful sundial installed in the brightest part of the park. The viewing tower and the ancient fountain with three spouts, uncovered during archaeological excavations, date from the early Byzantine period and complete the journey through time.

панорамен поглед към Несебър забележителности
Панорамен изглед към Несебър Стария град забележителности
Аквапарк Несебър

Aquapark Nessebar

The aquapark in Nessebar is a place to visit if you are looking for fun and adrenaline. There are attractions for everyone, so both young and old have fun here.

The water park in Nessebar offers Europe’s largest variety of water slides, pools, rivers, springboards, and games, filled with the emotions of flying, falling, sinking, and rescue swimming. The Space Shuttle is the longest water slide in Bulgaria, and the multi slide Dragero is the only surfing stimulator. You can’t go through all the games and fun, so give yourself at least two days if you’re determined to try all the water challenges.

Historical, cultural and architectural heritage

If the past tempts you, your place is Nessebar. It is one of the oldest towns in Europe, founded more than 3200 years ago. Preserving remains from different eras, Nessebar is part of the World Heritage Sites and is listed as a UNESCO Golden Fund. There are interesting sights in Nessebar that you can visit if you want to learn more about the history of the town.

The Old Nessebar

The old town is an architectural and historical reserve. It is situated on a peninsula sunk into the sea, 850 m long and 350 m wide. Your walk in this magnificent old town is among the remains of walls first built by the Thracians in the 7th century BC and completed by the Romans. The ancient name of Nessebar is Messembria Pontica.

Несебър Стария град забележителности - Вятърната мелница
Археологически музей Несебър

The Archaeological Museum of Nessebar

The Archaeological Museum in Nessebar was founded in 1956. Its exposition, “Nessebar through the Ages,” features exhibits from Mesemvriya and the Middle Ages.

The Church of St. Sophia

Also known as the “Old Metropolitan Church,” was built after 451 and is connected to the old historical town centre. It is a three-aisled basilica with frescoes inside and a mosaic of small multicoloured pebbles on the floor.

The building has been destroyed, plundered and rebuilt over the centuries, and it acquired its present appearance in the early 9th century.

храм Света София в Несебър

Near Nessebar

Морска градина Бургас

Sea Garden in Burgas

Only 35 km. from Nessebar is Burgas with its famous Sea Garden. This is a unique place on 600 acres, directly above the central beach. The construction of this historic facility began more than 110 years ago, back in 1910. In the past, there was a City Florist here with exotic tropical plants. The first bridge was built in the Sea Garden and later the Sea Casino. Nowadays, the summer theatre, the Pantheon of the Heroes who died in the wars, busts and bas-reliefs of famous personalities, as well as a monument to the sailor are completed.

The Marine Garden is declared a monument of park art because of the unique plant species that grow in its old part.

Pomorie Salt Museum

Only 19 km from Nessebar is the town of Pomorie, which has the only salt museum in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

The museum opened in 2002 and is extremely interesting because it reveals an authentic salt extraction technology by evaporation of seawater under the influence of sunlight. There is not only an exhibition of objects related to salt mining but also salt pans operating on an area of 20 acres.

In the saltworks, you can meet the people who are involved in salt mining in real life.


Nessebar is one of the most famous and romantic Bulgarian seaside towns on the Southern Black Sea coast.
The town is conventionally divided into a new and an old town, with the old town preserving the architectural and cultural traces of the past.

The old town is situated on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a 400-meter-long isthmus. On both sides, there are underwater and overwater cliffs and small bays.

Old Nessebar was founded three millennia ago, at the end of the Bronze Age and is one of the oldest European cities that jealously guards the remains of past ages.

Its first inhabitants were the Thracians, and in the 4th century B.C., Greeks settled here, and the city was renamed Mesambria. The settlement’s development was rapid due to the favourable climatic conditions and geographical location—there were convenient harbours, homes, temples, workshops, and even a theatre.

Interestingly, the famous Greek fabulist Aesop was born on these lands and is supposed to have Thracian roots.

In the 72nd century B.C., the Romans conquered the city and became part of the Roman Empire.

The city became part of the Bulgarian state in 812 when Khan Krum conquered it, and Bulgarians and Slavs settled there.
The Ottoman period and the Renaissance followed, and the town has remained a major commercial and cultural centre on the Black Sea coast until the present day.

Nessebar preserves its cultural heritage in five museum expositions. There were 42 churches here in the past, but only one is currently active. The promenade connecting the old and new town is about 400m long, and in the middle of it is a mill.

The Old Nessebar Architectural and Historical Reserve is Bulgaria’s 7th of the 100 national tourist sites.

To the north of Nessebar is the resort of Sunny Beach, famous for its entertainment and exciting nightlife, and to the south, just 32 km away, is the large regional city of Burgas.

The climate in Nessebar is Mediterranean, with average summer air temperatures of 28-30 °C and seawater ranging from 20 to 26 °C. There are two beaches—north and south—distinguished by their fine and golden sand. The sea bottom’s slope is slight, providing comfort and safety to beachgoers and making it particularly attractive for families with children.

The beach of Nessebar municipality covers an area of 1517 acres, which has a capacity of almost 140.000 beach places.

The population of today’s Nessebar, together with Sunny Beach, is almost 15,000, which makes it the third most populated town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast after Varna and Burgas. Tourism, with 730 hotels and nearly 3000 private accommodations, is the leading industry in the town and the municipality of Nessebar. Agriculture is also developing.

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